Knowing Aradmani group is not a difficult task. The member companies of the group have decades of experience in various fields of industry and trade. During the past years, the group has carried out many activities inside and outside the country. These activities have caused a close relationship between Aradmani Group and various sectors of industry and trade in the country. Due to attending exhibitions, holding training courses, seminars and conferences, the group enjoys a close and fruitful relationship with the technical and engineering communities of the country. Dozens of websites and social networks of the group with the potential to inform nearly one hundred thousand people of the target community have helped the group in advancing its goals and brought a good name and reputation to the member companies of the group. Currently, most of the member companies of the group are considered successful producers in the country in various fields of oil, gas, petrochemical, electricity and construction industries. The close cooperation and synergy of the companies has led to an increase in the sales level of the member companies of the group.
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