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The group of construction companies is a member of Aradmani cooperative group, one of the most important elements of the group.
The construction industry is extremely important all over the world. In spite of many weaknesses and deficiencies, one should not deny the progress of the construction equipment production industry in recent years.

standardization departments; design and engineering ; Monitoring and implementation have not developed harmoniously and suffer from a kind of imbalance.

At the same time, the efforts of the leading companies in the construction industry should be appreciated and thanked. Without these efforts, the building sector could be in the worst imaginable conditions.
By inviting companies active in the field of construction, Aradmani Group aims to solve the deficiencies in this field with the help of the industry’s own employees and create better conditions for this industry in the country.

Aradmani collection and two online stores of the group have put all their unquestionable efforts in the service of this goal and use all their facilities to implement creative ideas in the construction industry.

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