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The electricity industry is the parent industry in a way and it goes hand in hand with all industrial production activities.
Aradmani Electricity Group is a group of companies active in the electricity industry, whose products and services are needed by all industrial sectors; residential; It is administrative and commercial. The group intends to reach a point where it covers all the needs of the different industry and trade sectors of the country.
By examining the needs of the industry and construction sector, we have invited the active companies in the electricity sector to help us in doing this.
It is not necessary to explain that in recent years and according to the specific conditions of the country; The producers of this field have achieved many achievements and are able to meet the most important needs of the country in this field. Considering this fact, Aradmani cooperative group companies provide your needs with the best quality and the most suitable price in close cooperation with each other.
It is hoped that the efforts of the group will receive the attention and care of the technical and industrial communities of the country and help us in advancing our goals.

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