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For many years, oil has been the main capital in the country’s national development programs and has played a significant role in this way.
Having a lot of oil and gas resources on the one hand is considered the cause of the country’s backwardness, and on the other hand, the revenues from the sale of oil, gas and petrochemical products have been spent on the development of the country’s economic infrastructure.

Companies active in the oil field are extremely important in the group of member companies.
The diversity of Aradmani group member companies is such that the products produced by these companies provide a major part of the needs of the oil industry and related industries.
The invitation to join the Aradmani Group has received a remarkable welcome and now more than fifty companies have been included in the membership review list and at the same time the membership of more than twenty companies has been confirmed.
The synergy of the member companies of the group, which includes about 200 companies, increases the influence of the group and companies by 200 times.
There is no doubt that new and undeniable values ​​will be created from the constructive cooperation experience of Aradmani Group companies

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