Two member companies of Aradmani cooperative group (Amoj Fahad company and Aradmani assurance valve manufacturing company) have started their production activities in two electrical and mechanical sectors in a space of five thousand meters in Safadasht industrial town and relying on international standards and experience gained from Years of experience in cooperation with European companies provide products in the class of western manufactured goods to the society. In the electrical department, the group has produced earthing and lightning protection equipment, and in the mechanical department, it has produced safety valves, pressure relief valves, and steam separators. The group’s products have been used in many projects in the country and have brought satisfaction to various employers. The group has provided the possibility of quick and convenient access to the group’s products by launching two online stores, Qala Aal and Velix online store. The group’s online stores give Iranian manufacturers the chance to sell their products without any commission and using the facilities of the stores.
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